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Entrepreneurship Training Workshop

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Entrepreneurship Training

Do you have great business ideas?
Do you need someone to teach you how to start your own business?
Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never knew how to be one?

EduGroomers Entrepreneurship Training Workshop helps you gain an understanding of the business world and the process for achieving your own business setup. It is observed that people do have creative business ideas, but do not know how to start, implement and pursue them.

This program is a perfect platform which provides a comprehensive outlook comprising of both theoretical and practical learning experience. It helps in imparting various life skills, boosts your creative and emotional intelligence and helps in boosting your confidence and morale by providing out-of-box creative ideas.

This is a unique training program that fills the gap between theory and practical life skills. Learn from experts about what you need to know in order to be successful in setting up your own business.

What you can expect from this program

  • Unique mix of theory-based and transformational experiential learning
  • Emphasizes on motivation and personal development
  • Step-by-step knowledgeable learning process
  • Channelize your passion, goals and dreams to a perfect business setup
  • Inculcates a 'Never, Never, Never Quit' attitude
Entrepreneurship Training Workshop Modules:
Module 1
Do You Have An Entrepreneur Spirit?
What it takes to be an Entrepreneur?
Know Yourself (Assessments)
Understand your Purpose and Vision for Life
Identify Your Passions and Interest Areas
Cash Flow - Know It All
Module 2
Find Your Niche - Products, Services
Know your customer (market) segment
Create Business Plan
Evaluate Marketing Strategy
Highlight USP of your products, services
Categorize your HR needs
Competitor analysis
Legal, Leasing and Insurance matters
Handling Operations
Module 3
Financial Planning
Build your Company Profile
E-Commerce and Branding Your Company (Website, Social Pages, Articles, Blogs, etc)
Go Flexible, Detailed and Determined
Commit Yourself 100%
Sales. Sales. Sales
Expanding and Handling problems
Common Business Mistakes
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts
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