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Career Advice in Mumbai

Career Assessment Testing, Counselling and Guidance

Career Assessment in Mumbai

Confused about Career?

Get Unbiased Career Guidance!

Today is a world of specialization. With hundreds of career options available to students, unbiased career guidance services are the need of the hour.

Students find it immensely helpful to save their precious years and hard earned money by gaining expert counselling services from EduGroomers counsellors who have studied and worked in USA. You certainly would not want to choose a wrong career and live with it for the rest of your life.

EduGroomers provides career assessment testing, unbiased education counselling and guidance program that empowers you to eliminate confusion and confidently take charge of your bright career.

At EduGroomers, we assess the student s psychology, personality, emotional intelligence, character traits, career interests, and aptitude (a package of 5 assessment tests). These tests have been designed by psychologists with years of experience and are accepted worldwide. Our counsellors are trained with knowledge about all existing and upcoming career fields, and are capable of handling student queries related to their career. Our counsellors guide students with career roadmap as well as growth chart.

Know yourself and explore all career options available for you. You ll be happy and satisfied that you have made a wise and planned choice for your successful future.

  • Know Yourself The career assessment testing, counselling and guidance program helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests, personality traits, aptitude, and emotional strength.
  • Expert Guidance Our team of expert counselors who have studied and worked in USA, offer excellent guidance and counselling services.
  • Knowledge Thrust You get an opportunity to explore and learn about various exciting and upcoming career fields.
  • Unbiased Counselling EduGroomers follows a strict policy to no revenue sharing model with any institute, college in India or abroad. We provide an unbiased insight into all career options available to you.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction Our goal is to provide you with excellent services with complete satisfaction. We are here to help you PLAN your bright career for your successful future.
Career assessment in mumbai Understand your education history and extracurricular activities
Career Awareness in Mumbai Discuss your ambitions, goals and interests
Career Advice Identify your confusion and problem areas
Career Guidance Check with parents/ guardians about their expectation (applicable for students)
Education Counsultant Go through the test pack for your age group (School, College, Adult)
Career Option in Mumbai Undergo psychometric testing for detailed Profiling
Career in Mumbai 5 Assessment Tests (I-P-A-C-E Test Pack) MCQ format
Education Counseling Interest Test
Education Counselors Personality Test
Career Counsultant Aptitude Test
Career Assessment Character Traits Test
Career Awareness Emotional Intelligence Test
Career Assessment in Mumbai Receive your detailed career report
Career Guidance in Mumbai Discuss your career options and guidance for next steps
Career Awareness in Mumbai Attend personal counselling [1-to-1] with expert counselors
Career Assessment
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