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Prepare for College - Training Workshop

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Are you excited yet anxious about college life?
Do you know how to maximize fun and learning together at college?
Are you street smart to interact with new people outside school?

EduGroomers Prepare for College Training Workshop was created to provide students who are entering into college life, a complete insight into what college life is all about. The program teaches the students how to use their precious years in college in a constructive and positive manner; by learning and using various life skills and interpersonal skills.

It has been observed that teenagers who enter college become ignorant, lazy and dull. They remain in this comfort zone and prefer to avoid new challenges. Our program teaches them how to break out of this comfort zone and become more confident, optimistic and street-smart.

This is a unique training program that fills the gap between school and college. Learn from experts about what you need to know for your success at College.

What you can expect from this program

  • Become self-confident and develop a positive attitude
  • Learn how to be street-smart
  • Understand and discover various life skills
  • Build a strong personality and develop essential social skills
  • Interdisciplinary workshop that will help in any career you choose
Prepare for College Training Workshop Modules:
Module 1
Basic Difference between School and College
Street Smartness
Basic Skills Competence
4 Stages of Competence
Knowledge Discovery
Module 2
Intelligence vs. Social Intelligence
Cognitive Skills
Communicative Skills
Critical thinking Skills
Time Management Skills
Study Skills
Goal Setting Skills
Module 3
First Day at College
Positive Social Skills
Growing up Skills
Stress Management
Creative and Artistic Skills
Practical Learning Skills
Anti-Ragging Skills - Stay out of Trouble
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