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Education Counseling in Mumbai

Financial Education and Literacy - Level 1

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Academic qualifications are important and so is Financial Education!
No matter what career you choose; you should be able to Manage your finances well.
Start Educating yourself about Finances early on...
Add an important Life Skill TODAY!

EduGroomers Financial Education Program (Fin-Ed) offers students with an introduction to the financial world. Our training program provides an opportunity to learn finance in an innovative, practical, interactive, fun and interesting manner.

The program will build a strong foundation and help in inculcating responsible money habits that would last for a life time. A combination of conceptual knowledge and real-life skills makes this program extremely useful and practical for students.

What you can expect from this program:-
  • Understand rat-race and learn about business / entrepreneurship
  • Create a sense of budgeting and curb overspending
  • Become smart investor, prudent in real estate, stocks, commodities, and so on
  • Learn about cash-flow and ways to manage it
  • Understand finance and finance related terms
Financial Education and Literacy Modules Level 1 (for School students)
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Education Counselling in Mumbai Basics of Banking
Education Counseling Basic Vocabulary of Finance Terms
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Educational Counseling Various Kinds of Investments
Education Counsellors in Mumbai Case Studies - Practical Examples, Lessons and Tips
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