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Finishing School - Level 1

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finishing school

Are you looking for a short-term effective training program to hone your skills?
Are you in school and feel something more is expected of you?
Are you in Education Transition Phase and feeling difficult to handle it?

EduGroomers Finishing School grooms you to bridge the gap between your most important education and career transition stages:

  • Leaving School and Stepping into College
  • Graduating from College and Applying for Job/ Business

Just like EduGroomers tag line, the finishing school allows you to Groom Yourself and It's Easy to do it. Learn from the experts in a fun manner.

There are two levels for different age groups.

What you can expect from this program
  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover various life and social skills
  • Hone your skills and develop optimistic approach to life
  • Learn new cutting-edge skills through our internship program
  • Strengthen your capability and competency for better job opportunities
  Finishing School Modules: Level 1 (for School students)
Personality Development I
People Skills I
Develop your Maturity Quotient
Basic Leadership Skills Training
Basic Social RES (Responsibility, Etiquette, Status)
Basic Financial Education and Literacy Program
Lots of Fun Activities and Interactive Experiential Sessions
Certificate at Success Completion of the Program
out of box learning inter displine programme
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