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Prepare for Job - Training Workshop

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Job Training

Are you in your final year of studies and preparing to enter the corporate world?
Have you graduated from college and searching for a job?
Are you nervous about handling your job interview? Does your resume need a makeover?

EduGroomers can help you in enhancing your personal and cracking your job interview with confidence. We also help you in learning various work and life skills.

EduGroomers Prepare for Job Training Workshop was created to help graduates, freshers and job seekers develop confidence to succeed in job applications, group discussions and personal interview, and also learn valuable aspects of life at work.

This is a unique training program that fills the gap between college and workplace skills. Learn from experts about what you need to know for getting that Job!

What you can expect from this program

  • Learn to be a skilled communicator
  • Develop a strong and vibrant personality
  • Build self-confidence and optimistic attitude
  • Create and polish your professional Resume, CV
  • Inculcate that 'X-factor' for overall feeling of well-being
  • Experience success and project a sense of positive energy
Prepare for Job - Training Workshop Modules :
Resume Building Skills
Effective Resume Writing
Cover Letter Writing
Recommendation Letters
Action Words, Transferrable Skills
Applied Knowledge, Relevant Experience
Job Application Skills
Walk-ins and Campus Placements
Job Portals and Applying Online
Consultants, HR Agencies
Job Screening Skills
Confidence in Yourself
Successful Screening and Technical Round
Group Discussion
Cracking the Personal Interview
The elevator speech: 30 seconds
Interview Dress Code
Body Language
Personal Interview Techniques
Mock Interview sessions
Salary Negotiation
At Work Skills
Self-motivation Skills
Work-Life Balance
Time Management
Workplace Etiquettes
Proactive. Active. Reactive
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