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Aptitude test centres in Mumbai

Leadership Training Level 1

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leadership training

What Makes a Good Leader?
Why is Teamwork Important?
Why Leadership Is Important in Business organizations and Workplace?

Leadership Training Program was created with an aim to help you analyze yourself and assess your skills, interest, personality and aptitude. Creating and leading a successful team needs time, dedication, effort and skill. With our program, you will learn what it takes to be a good leader, how to form a team, and how to continuously improve the way your team functions and lead it to success.

Our program helps you know yourself and your team better and analyze how well your team works in decision making, problem solving, time management and adapting to change. We also provide interactive sessions and games where your entire team is involved in activities.

There are three levels for different age groups.
Some Leadership Myths:

  • Myth 1 - Leadership is innate and you need to be born with it
    Leadership develops through hard work and careful observation. Usually people learn it by experience and waste a lot of time to understand its principles. However, the good news is that leadership skills and qualities can also be taught.

  • Myth 2 -Leadership is possessing power over others
    Leadership is a power with people that exists as a reciprocal relationship between a leader and his/her followers. A good leader will have many followers even though he/she may not have authoritative powers.

  • Myth 3 - Leadership and management are the same
    The biggest difference between managers and leaders is the way they motivate the people who work or follow them, and this sets the tone for most other aspects of what they do. Leaders lead people to a destiny, while managers manage resources.

What you can expect from this program

  • Learn valuable lessons of leadership and teamwork in fun manner
  • Understand and develop leadership skills and principles
  • Create and motivate effective and successful teams
  • Promote better communication and trust
  • Apply your team's best personality traits to organization's advantage
  • Transform from Good to Great!
  Leadership Training Modules: Level 1 (for School students)
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Aptitude Test Centres in Delhi Aptitude Test Centres in Mumbai
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Aptitude test Centres in Mumbai, Leadership Training in Mumbai, Personality Development in Mumbai, Aptitude Test centres in Delhi