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Soft Skill and Personality Development - Level 2

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Personality Development

EduGroomers Soft Skills and Personality Development Program is designed for students (schools and colleges), job seekers, working adults, and freelancers. Our training modules help you realize your capabilities and strengths; thus making you a stronger, confident and positive person.

Soft skills are an essential building block for the growth of any individual. Soft skills are experiential and usually play a major factor in distinguishing wise people from others. Soft skills are not taught at schools, colleges or workplace but you are expected to know it all by yourself.

Our training program helps you to enhance and groom your inner and outer self, which in turn brings a positive change in your life. The program helps you to create a good impression in society, and propels you to grow and succeed in your career.

There are three levels for different age groups

What you can expect from this program

  • Develop a vibrant and cheerful demeanor in society
  • Boost your morale and self-confidence
  • Use your strengths to your advantage
  • Become good communicator, self motivated and ambitious
  • Maintain healthy rapport with people of all ages
  • Training program covers interpersonal, strategic, management and operational skills
Soft Skills and Personality Development Program Modules:
Level 2 (for College students, Freshers, Job-seekers)
Crash Course of Level 1 Concepts
Effective Presentation Skills
Group Discussion Techniques
Body Language
Build positive Self-Confidence, Self Esteem
Public Speaking
Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
Multi-tasking, Managing and Prioritizing
Proactive. Active. Reactive.
Innovative Thinking (Outside-The-Box)
Self-development & Self-knowledge
Spoken and Written English
out of box learning inter displine programme
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